Team Melody Disc Dog Show

Team Melody is a World Championship qualifying competitive disc-dog (frisbee-dog) team from Gretna VA, that performs selected shows throughout the year. The show includes several 30-minute performances, followed by 15-minute audience question & answer sessions. Q & A may include disc dog aptitude evaluation, training tips, and training class information.

A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve the date (long travel distances may require a larger deposit). Full payment is due no later than the date of the event. Payment may be either cash or check payable to JTL Music, LLC. The total price is negotiable, and is determined by our travel expenses, show venue, profit vs non-profit (charity) event, and amount of time involved. The negotiated price is all-inclusive, including our show, travel expenses, sound system, and spectator boundary marking (if needed).

Team Melody travels in a 35’ or 22' travel trailer, which needs to be parked as close to the performance area as possible.

Team Melody reserves the right to cancel a performance, or cancel a portion of a performance, or change the performance schedule, at our discretion, if weather and/or conditions are determined to be too dangerous for our dogs.